Europe Asbestos Gloves Market: Industry Overview and Forecast (2024-2030) Type, Application and Region

  • Europe Asbestos Gloves Market  is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% during the forecast period. Europe Asbestos Gloves Market is expected to reach US$ 86.78 Mn. in 2030 from US$ 71.04 Mn in 2023.

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Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Overview:

The Europe Asbestos Gloves Market is studied by segments like Type (Two Fingers, Five Fingers), Application (Construction, Mining, Steel Plants, Glasswork, Firefighting, chemical and others). The report consists of the Trend, Forecast, Competitive Analysis, and Growth Opportunities of the market.


For the forecast period of 2024 to 2030, the report provides a complete analysis that reflects today's Europe Asbestos Gloves Market realities and future market prospects. To provide a comprehensive perspective of the market, the research segments and analyses it in great detail. The key data and observations offered in the study can help market participants and investors identify low-hanging fruit in the market and build growth strategies.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market


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Covid-19 Impact on Europe Asbestos Gloves Market:

During the Covid-19 pandemic that lasted for more than 2 years, numerous industries' operations had either been temporarily shut down or were operating with a reduced staff due to government-imposed lockdowns and limitations. This is no different in the European Asbestos Glove market, and this aspect is expected to have a substantial negative impact on the industry's revenue growth. Furthermore, the high costs of installing and maintaining of the equipment may limit the Asbestos Glove market's revenue growth throughout the forecast period globally.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Dynamics:

In 2021, the Committee of Associations of European Foundries member states' iron, steel, and malleable foundries manufactured around 9.1 million tons of castings. The year on year drop in production weight was 19.8%. The six countries that lead the sector in terms of volume, namely Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Poland, accounting for 79.8% of ferrous metal casting production. Thus we observe that the European region has a good amount of share in the Asbestos Gloves market owing to this region’s foundry industry.


Europe also has a significant number of automotive and steel factories, and glasswork factories, where asbestos protective equipment is widely used. The market will continue to rise as welders, metalworkers, and glassblowers increase their use.  The rising number of steel plants & increasing glass production activities in Europe are expected to boost the market size of asbestos gloves from 2024 to 2030. In order to maintain firm standards, increased industrialization among most developing countries has paved the way for improved employee safety and security.


Hand injuries are quite common, accounting for 41% of all occupational hazards in Europe. Stress, lack of attention, fatigue, and the usage of defective or badly maintained machinery are all factors that contribute to such incidents. However, attention must also be paid to the enormous number of accidents that occur during leisure activities, because being unable to work due to an accident is as costly. In the last ten years, measures have been undertaken across Europe to increase prevention. Thus to protect the employee from an injury, European market drive the growth of Asbestos Gloves. The Hand Trauma Committee of FESSH organized a series of preventative conferences. In Europe, these have helped to reduce the amount of hand injuries. The AUVA or Austrian Workers' Compensation Board established a special controlling committee with the specific goal of minimizing the frequency of hand injuries.


However, when asbestos gloves are frayed, ripped, or torn, the lethal fibres discharge into the air in the form of tiny dust, which may be inhaled by unknowing workers for many hours or even days.  Once inhaled, asbestos fibers get permanently entrenched in the lungs' linings, eventually producing malignant carcinogenic tumors like mesothelioma or even other forms of asbestosis.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Segment Analysis:

Based on Type, the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market is classified into Two Fingers and Five Fingers. Five Finger gloves has the major share in this segments as there is a liberty for all fingers to move along and operate. It also provides protection from heat, cuts and is ergonomic than two-finger gloves.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market



Based on Application, the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market is classified into Construction, Mining, Steel Plants, Glasswork, Firefighting, chemical and others. Glasswork, Firefighting and Steel plants and expected to hold a large share as asbestos gloves are commonly used in the workplace to protect employees' hands from extremely high temperatures.  Since asbestos is fire-resistant material, and provides excellent insulation, it was used in the manufacture of many daily items.


The production of laboratory and industrial gloves and mittens, which often contained between 40 and 100 % white chrysotile asbestos, was one of the most popular uses of asbestos. This is because it acts as an effective insulation against the high working temperatures especially for materials like hot glass, molten metals, or dangerous chemicals and caustic acids. Asbestos gloves were employed widely in a variety of industries, including foundries, smelting operations, refineries, power plants, steel mills, glass, ceramic, and textile producers, and firefighting services.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Regional Insights:

Italy, the country with the major share in the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market, is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period. The Europe Asbestos Gloves Market is expected to grow significantly due to rising demand, greater income, updated technology and machinery, as well as efforts to raise awareness of the requirement. The growth would be achievable due to marketing analytics technologies and existing companies who have been in the market since the start. Furthermore, government organizations, businesses, third-party administrations, and others are focusing their efforts on developing customer-centric goods, which will help the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market in this region to grow.



To understand the Asbestos Gloves industry in Europe and study the market trends. Focusing on the Application of Asbestos Gloves, knowing the drivers and challenges of the same. Understanding the market segment geographically to gauge the growth potential.


The report includes analytical models like the Porter’s Five Forces, which helps in understanding the operating environment of the competition in the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market and thereby study the stakeholders to derive an efficient strategy; and PESTLE Analysis to gain a macro perspective of the Asbestos Gloves Industry in terms of political aspects like Government stability, policies, trade regulation and economic aspects like market trends, taxes and inflation. It also provides the effect of environmental factors and influence of social and legal aspects on the Europe Asbestos Gloves Market.


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Scope:


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market

Market Size in 2023

USD 71.04 Mn

Market Size in 2030

USD 86.78 Mn

CAGR (2024-2030)


Historic Data


Base Year


Forecast Period




  • Five Fingers
  • Two-Fingers


by Application

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Steel Plants
  • Glasswork
  • Firefighting
  • Chemical
  • Others

Country Scope

  • UK 
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy 
  • Spain 
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • and Rest of Europe


Europe Asbestos Gloves Market Key Players:

  • Uvex Safety
  • MTN shop
  • Ejendals
  • Hase Safety Gloves
  • Others


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      • Two-Fingers
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      • Construction
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      • Steel Plants
      • Glasswork
      • Firefighting
      • Chemical
      • Others
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