Chia Seeds Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030)

  • The Chia Seeds Market size was valued at USD 604.58 Mn. in 2023 and the total Chia Seeds Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.66% from 2024 to 2030, reaching nearly USD 1777.90 Mn. by 2030.

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Chia Seeds Market Overview

Chia seeds a small herbaceous plant, have gained popularity because of their high nutritional and medicinal value. Chia seeds contain healthy ω-3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are also rich in polyphenols and antioxidants like caffeic acid, rosmarinic acid, myricetin, and quercetin. Chia has been studied in various fields, including the medicinal, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Chia oil is one of the most valuable oils on the market, and various extraction methods are used to produce it. This study provides an overview of its chemical composition, nutritional properties, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, and extraction methods.


Chia seeds are a rich source of nutrients, high in protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorous. They also contain zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and potassium. Chia seeds improve metabolic health, reduce heart disease risk, prevent premature skin aging, improve bone and muscle strength, and prevent free radicals, leading to increased demand in the food, beverage, personal care, and nutraceuticals industries.

Chia Seeds Market


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Chia Seeds Market Dynamics:

The demand for gluten-free, and multi-cereal-based products, such as chia seeds, is increasing because of their gluten-free properties and increased protein content. This is particularly significant for consumers with gluten intolerance or those who avoid gluten because of lifestyle choices. Chia seeds are also being used as a primary ingredient in personal care because of their skin repair and complexion-enhancing benefits. They are also used as stiffening ingredients in cake mixes and smoothies. The growing awareness of the health benefits of chia seeds, such as their omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, is expected to drive market growth.


These seeds improve metabolism, prevent premature skin aging, reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk, and strengthen bones and muscles. The growing popularity of chia seeds among health-conscious consumers and increased demand for functional food ingredients is expected to further boost the chia seeds market size.

Chia Seeds Market1

Chia seeds are experiencing rapid expansion because of increasing consumer interest in natural food products, driven by health awareness and a preference for minimally processed, non-GMO, organic options. This shift to natural foods is a result of a wider lifestyle change, with consumers becoming more conscious of food's nutritional profile. Chia seeds are now widely available in health food stores, supermarkets, and online platforms, opening up a larger customer base for the chia seed sales market.


The chia seed market faces difficulty because of price volatility, global demand changes, agricultural yield shifts, and speculation-based commodity markets. This uncertainty makes it difficult for producers and retailers to forecast profits and plan investments, while consumers are swayed by inconsistent prices. The supply chain is also constrained by quality requirements and limited supply. Climate change influences chia seed agriculture, affecting prices and yields. Market stability is further challenged by price volatility and competition from substitute superfoods. Regulations related to certification, labelling, and health claims also impact market growth. Effective marketing methods are needed to ensure the widespread adoption of chia seeds as a mainstream food component. Issues about potential negative impacts and allergy libelling prevent widespread adoption, necessitating education and open dialogue within the sector.


The chia seeds market is growing because of increasing demand for dietary supplements, protein bars, and natural food ingredients in the food and beverage industry. The preference for organic, gluten-free, and vegan diets, particularly among professional athletes, is driving the growth. The preference for non-GMO chia seeds for cultivation presents an opportunity for raw material suppliers and distributors to invest. Chia seeds are known for their health benefits, such as improving heart health, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and aiding weight loss.


The adaptability and perceived health profits of chia seeds align with customer demand for functional foods, primary to their incorporation into several dishes. The market is also growing thanks to food manufacturers' innovation in chia seed-infused food products, such as snacks, beverages, baked goods, dairy substitutes, and meat alternatives. These products appeal to consumers who have not previously consumed the seeds directly, further increasing consumer interest and market growth.


Chia Seeds Market Segment Analysis:

Based on Forms, The global chia seeds market is divided into Whole chia, milled/ground chia, pre-hydrate chia, and chia oil comprise the different segments of the market. Chia oil is expected to be the market's form category with the fastest rate of growth. Also, the oil form is widely used in a variety of dishes and contains dietary fiber, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Also, because of the overwhelming demand, the whole chia sector had the largest market share. Whole seeds are found easily in the market and used in a wide range of dishes and beverages. Also, because these seeds have a high omega-3 content, more animal feed is used, which increases demand for them.

Chia Seeds Market2

The main Application of chia seeds is the food and beverage industry, which is driven by consumers' increasing interest in foods that promote health and well-being. Because they are a plant-based source of protein and have several health advantages, chia seeds are used in a wide range of items such as drinks, energy bars, cereals, and snacks. Chia seeds are used in nutraceuticals for their heart-healthy qualities and ability to aid in digestion. Because of its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, chia seed oil is utilized in the personal care and cosmetics sectors. The uses of chia seeds' nutritional value, such as animal feed, are covered area.


Chia Seeds Market Regional Insight:

North America held the largest market share in 2023. The global chia seeds market is large because of growing consumer awareness about health and nutrition. Chia seeds are known for their omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein content. The region's market is also influenced by the popularity of superfoods and the incorporation of chia seeds into food products. The health and wellness trend in North America is supported by a robust distribution network, including health food stores and online platforms. The market is expected to continue increasing because of growing consumer preference for plant-based diets and natural supplements.


  • In the United States diverse food industry leads the trend toward functional foods by using chia seeds in a range of goods, from beverages to snacks. Chia seeds are growing more well-known because of a well-established healthy lifestyle and a demand for natural and plant-based products. The United States also has a strong agricultural zone that accommodates rising demand. With a focus on consumption that is health-conscious, the US continues to lead the global market of chia seeds.

Chia Seeds Market3

Chia Seeds Market Competitive Landscape:

The market of chia seeds is going to grow even more as a result of major companies in the industry investing heavily in R&D to grow their product ranges. To boost their global presence, market players are also using several strategic measures, including the introduction of new products, signing contracts, merging with other companies, investing more, and working together. To grow and thrive in a more competitive and developing market, rivals in the chia seed sector need to provide reasonably priced products.


  • In 2020, Benexia Increases Its Chia-Based Food and Beverage Brand the chia seed is a nutritional powerhouse, and global chia producer Benexia believes there are many food and drink applications that it as fuel. The company is using its proprietary chia ingredients to grow its CPG brand, Seeds of Wellness, with the launch of plant-based milk this fall and growing distribution for its line of chia pastas and chia oil.


  • 26th July 2022: VEERRAL AGRO TECH is participating in the edition of the annual organic food fair. The World´s Leading Trade Fair together with VIVANESS – International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, is looked upon as an important business event providing a great networking opportunity for sellers buyers and potential partners and investors to get together.

Chia Seeds Market Scope

Market Size in 2023

USD 604.58 Mn.

Market Size in 2030

USD 1777.90 Mn.

CAGR (2024-2030)


Historic Data


Base Year


Forecast Period



By Forms

Whole Chia

Milled/Ground Chia

Pre-hydrate Chia

Chia Oil

By Application

Food & Beverages

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Personal Care & Cosmetics


Regional Scope

North America- United States, Canada, and Mexico

Europe – UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia, and Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific – China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, ASEAN, Rest of APAC

Middle East and Africa - South Africa, GCC, Egypt, Rest of the Middle East and Africa

South America – Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America


Key Player in the Chia Seeds Market

  1. Glanbia - Ireland
  2. The Chia Co Australia - Australia
  3. Mamma Chia - United States
  4. Greneraindia - India
  5. Benexia Chia - Chile
  6. Navitas Organics - United States
  7. Salba Smart Natural Products - United States
  8. Nutiva Inc. - United States
  9. Garden of Life - United States
  10. Chia Bia Slovaki - Slovakia
  11. Sesajal SA De CV - Mexico
  12. Bagrrys - India
  13. Vega Produce LLC. - United States
  14. CHOSEN FOODS INC - United States
  15. Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
  16. Spectrum Organics - United States
  17. Bioway Organic Group Limited - China
  18. Saipro Biotech Private Limited - India
  19. Avi Naturals - India
  20. Molkem - India

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The forecast period of the market is 2024 to 2030.

1.    Chia Seeds Market: Research Methodology 
2.    Chia Seeds Market: Executive Summary
3.    Chia Seeds Market: Competitive Landscape

3.1. Stellar Competition Matrix
3.2. Competitive Landscape
3.3. Key Players Benchmarking
3.4. Market Structure
3.4.1.    Market Leaders 
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3.4.3.    Emerging Players

3.5. Consolidation of the Market
3.6. Import and export of Chia Seeds Market 
4.    Chia Seeds Market : Dynamics
4.1. Market Trends by Region
4.1.1.    North America
4.1.2.    Europe
4.1.3.    Asia Pacific
4.1.4.    Middle East and Africa
4.1.5.    South America

4.2. Market Drivers
4.3. Market Restraints
4.4. Market Opportunities
4.5. Market Challenges
4.6. PORTER’s Five Forces Analysis
4.7. PESTLE Analysis
4.8. Strategies for New Entrants to Penetrate the Market
4.9. Regulatory Landscape by Region
4.9.1.    North America
4.9.2.    Europe
4.9.3.    Asia Pacific
4.9.4.    Middle East and Africa
4.9.5.    South America

5.    Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast by Segments (by value Units)
5.1. Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
5.1.1.    Whole Chia
5.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
5.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
5.1.4.    Chia Oil

5.2. Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application (2023-2030)
5.2.1.    Food & Beverages
5.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
5.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
5.2.4.    Others

5.3. Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Region (2023-2030)
5.3.1.    North America
5.3.2.    Europe
5.3.3.    Asia Pacific
5.3.4.    Middle East and Africa
5.3.5.    South America

6.    North America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast (by value Units)
6.1. North America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
6.1.1.    Whole Chia
6.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
6.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
6.1.4.    Chia Oil

6.2. North America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application (2023-2030)
6.2.1.    Food & Beverages
6.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
6.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
6.2.4.    Others

6.3. North America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Country (2023-2030)
6.3.1.    United States
6.3.2.    Canada
6.3.3.    Mexico

7.    Europe Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast (by Value Units)
7.1. Europe Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
7.1.1.    Whole Chia
7.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
7.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
7.1.4.    Chia Oil

7.2. Europe Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application (2023-2030)
7.2.1.    Food & Beverages
7.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
7.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
7.2.4.    Others

7.3. Europe Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Country (2023-2030)
7.3.1.    UK
7.3.2.    France
7.3.3.    Germany
7.3.4.    Italy
7.3.5.    Spain
7.3.6.    Sweden
7.3.7.    Austria

7.3.8.    Rest of Europe
8.    Asia Pacific Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast (by Value Units)
8.1. Asia Pacific Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
8.1.1.    Whole Chia
8.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
8.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
8.1.4.    Chia Oil

8.2. Asia Pacific Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application (2023-2030)
8.2.1.    Food & Beverages
8.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
8.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
8.2.4.    Others

8.3. Asia Pacific Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Country (2023-2030)
8.3.1.    China
8.3.2.    S Korea
8.3.3.    Japan
8.3.4.    India
8.3.5.    Australia
8.3.6.    Asean
8.3.7.    Rest of Asia Pacific

9.    Middle East and Africa Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast (by Value Units)
9.1. Middle East and Africa Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
9.1.1.    Whole Chia
9.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
9.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
9.1.4.    Chia Oil

9.2. Middle East and Africa Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application (2023-2030)
9.2.1.    Food & Beverages
9.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
9.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
9.2.4.    Others

9.3. Middle East and Africa Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Country (2023-2030)
9.3.1.    South Africa
9.3.2.    GCC
9.3.3.    Rest of ME&A

10.    South America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast (by Value Units)
10.1. South America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Forms (2023-2030)
10.1.1.    Whole Chia
10.1.2.    Milled/Ground Chia
10.1.3.    Pre-hydrate Chia
10.1.4.    Chia Oil

10.2. South America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Application  (2023-2030)
10.2.1.    Food & Beverages
10.2.2.    Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
10.2.3.    Personal Care & Cosmetics
10.2.4.    Others

10.3. South America Chia Seeds Market Size and Forecast, by Country (2023-2030)
10.3.1.    Brazil
10.3.2.    Argentina
10.3.3.    Rest of South America

11.    Company Profile: Key players
11.1.    Glanbia                             
11.1.1.    Company Overview
11.1.2.    Financial Overview
11.1.3.    Business Portfolio
11.1.4.    SWOT Analysis
11.1.5.    Business Strategy 
11.1.6.    Recent Developments

11.2. The Chia Co Australia
11.3. Mamma Chia
11.4. Greneraindia
11.5. Benexia Chia
11.6. Navitas Organics
11.7. Salba Smart Natural Products
11.8. Nutiva Inc.
11.9. Garden of Life
11.10. Chia Bia Slovaki
11.11. Sesajal SA De CV
11.12. Bagrrys 
11.13. Vega Produce LLC.
11.15. Naturkost Übelhör GmbH & Co. KG
11.16. Spectrum Organics
11.17. Bioway Organic Group Limited
11.18. Saipro Biotech Private Limited
11.19. Avi Naturals
11.20. Molkem
12.    Key Findings
13.    Industry Recommendation

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