United States Crock Meter Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2022-2027) by Product type, Application and Region

  • United States Crock Meter Market size was valued at US$ Bn. in 2021. Crock Meter will encourage a great deal of transformation in Textile Market.

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United States Crock Meter Market Definition:

The Crock meter is a rapid and accurate way to assess how much colour is transmitted by rubbing from textile materials (such as cloth, carpeting, yarn, and leather). On flat specimens, the Crock meter has been used to perform rub abrasion, scuff, and/or mar tests. It can also be used to assess smudge and smear resistance on images printed or copied by a printer or copier. Wet and dry testing can be carried out on any specimen material.


To achieve dependable and repeatable test results, the Crock meter employs a standard pressure and rubbing action. Specimens are placed on the Crock meter's base and held in place by the sample holder. A sandpaper pad is provided to place under the specimen to prevent it from shifting during testing. A reciprocating arm is moved roughly 100mm by a hand crank. A 16mm diameter acrylic "finger" provides the rubbing action, moving back and forth in a straight line with each complete turn of the crank. A mechanical counter keeps track of completed cycles, and the revolving load arm is weighted to give a constant 9N load on the sample at all times.


United States Crock Meter Market Dynamics:

Crock metres have become indispensable equipment for determining material moisture content and colour fastness to rubbing. They're increasingly being used to determine how much colour is transmitted by rubbing from the surface of colourful textile materials including cloth, leather, and carpeting yarn to other surfaces (crocking).


Crock metres are in high demand due to the growing emphasis on preserving and increasing the quality of textile fabrics. Industrialists are increasingly using these metres to improve quality characteristics such as colour fastness, rubbing fastness, and fabric quality.


Increasing usage of crock metres for measurement applications in the textile and leather industries will continue to propel the crock metre market forward through the forecast period. In the market, there are primarily two types of crock metres: electronic crock metres and hand-operated crock metres. Among these two, demand for electronic crock metres is expected to increase during the expected period.


The strong growth of the crock metre market in US market can be attributed to expanding demand for textile and leather products, increased attention on product quality, and rising popularity of crock metres in emerging nations.


Due to their flexible design, compact size, and user-friendly features, Crock metres have become popular for measuring the colour fastness to rubbing of textile and leather materials. To ensure product quality, they are increasingly being used in the textile and leather sectors in US.


Also due to changing lifestyles, a growing population, rising disposable income, and the growth of the fashion sector, crock metres are seeing rapid growth, which is expected to continue in the future. Similarly, the increasing use of crock metres for testing the micro-scratch resistance of coatings, lacquers, and painted surfaces is boosting market growth.


Moreover, the advent of rigorous quality testing rules in the textile and leather sectors, as well as the growing necessity to measure moisture content of products across a variety of industries, is expected to drive the use of crock metres in the future.


Due to the increasing use of contemporary technologies, increased demand for textile and leather products, and the heavy presence of key market competitors, the North American Crock Meter market, led by the United States, is expected to grow rapidly.


Due to the exponential growth of the fashion business, expanding public awareness, and changing lifestyles, demand for high-quality textile and leather items is increasing across industrialised countries such as the United States. As a result, crock metre sales are increasing, and the trend is likely to continue.


United States Crock Meter Market Segment Analysis:

By Product Type, The Crock meter market is segmented into Electronic Crock Meter and Hand-Operated Crock Meter on the basis of product type. The use of electronic crock metres for determining colour fastness of textiles and measuring moisture content of items is growing in popularity, expanding the size of the crock metre market. The Electronic Crock metre features an electronic counter and a top-mounted handle for convenience. The rubbing Color Fastness test is reproducible because a sandpaper is placed beneath the test sample to keep it stationary during the test. The sturdy slide ensures consistent testing results, and the weight that produces 9N loading can be changed to other weights. Crock meter (Electronic) A pre-programmed electronic counter for strokes up to 999,999 times is included.


United States Crock meter Market


By Application, The Crock meter market is segmented into Textile Industry, Leather Industry and Others on the basis of application. The Crock meter provides a quick and accurate method to determine the amount of color transferred from leather materials to other surfaces by rubbing.


The objective of the report is to present a complete picture of Crock meter market. Data from past years is compiled to anticipate the future prospects of this market. Porter's five forces help to identify where power lies in a business situation. This is useful both in understanding the strength of an organisation's current competitive position, and the strength of a position that an organisation may look to move into. The report helps in identifying competitive rivalry currently running in the Crock meter market. It also helps to understand bargaining power of suppliers and consumers.


The report also presents PESTLE analysis which helps to gain a macro picture of Crock meter market.  Political factors helps to identify the influence of government over Crock meter market. Economic factors a have direct impact on a company’s long-term prospects in a market. The economic environment may affect how a company dealing in Crock meter price their products or influence the supply and demand model. Social factors, such as demographics and culture can impact the Crock meter market by influencing peak buying periods, purchasing habits, and lifestyle choices. Technological factors may have a direct or an indirect influence on an industry. The legal and regulatory environment can affect the policies and procedures of an industry, and can control employment, safety and regulations. Environmental factors include all those relating to the physical environment and to general environmental protection requirements. 


United States Crock meter Market Scope:

United States Crock meter Market


Market Indicators:


By Product Type

Historical Data:


By Application

Forecast Period:



  • Washington
  • Alabama
  • California
  • Pennsylvania

Base Year:



3.4 %

Market Size in 2020:

US$ Bn.

Market size in 2027:

US$ Bn.


United States Crock Meter Market Key Players:  

  • Presto Group
  • SDL Atlas
  • Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Maxim Integrated
  • Microchip Technology
  • Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC
  • Semtech
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated

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Crock Meter Market revenue is expected to grow at 3.4% through 2022 to 2027

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      • SDL Atlas
      • Analog Devices, Inc.
      • Maxim Integrated
      • Microchip Technology
      • Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC
      • Semtech
      • Texas Instruments Incorporated
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