Electric Wall Heater Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030) Trends, Statistics, Dynamics, Segmentation by Type, Application and Region

  • Electric Wall Heater Market  is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period. Electric Wall Heater Market is expected to reach US$ 6.71 Bn. in 2030 from US$ 3.92 Bn. in 2023

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Electric Wall Heater Market Overview:


Electric Wall Heater Market was valued at USD 3.13 billion in 2021, and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.83 percent to USD 4.92 billion by 2027. 

The Electric Wall Heater Market is studied by segments like Application (Residential, Non residential), Type (<1000 Watt, 1000 to 1600 Watt, 1600 to 2000 Watt, and > 2000 Watt) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World). The report consists of the Trend, Forecast, Competitive Analysis, and Growth Opportunities of the market.


For the forecast period of 2022 to 2027, the report provides a complete analysis that reflects today's Electric Wall Heater Market realities and future market prospects. To provide a comprehensive perspective of the market, the research segments and analyses it in great detail. The key data and observations offered in the study can help market participants and investors identify low-hanging fruit in the market and build growth strategies.


Electric Wall Heater Market


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COVID-19 Impact on Electric Wall Heater Market


The impact of COVID-19 is discussed in this report. The sickness has expanded to practically every country on the planet since the COVID-19 viral outbreak in December 2019, prompting the World Health Organization to declare it a public health emergency. The global effects of the coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID-19) are already being felt, and the Electric Wall Heater market will be considerably impacted in 2021. Flight cancellations, travel bans, and quarantines; all indoor and outdoor events restricted; restaurants closed; over forty countries declared states of emergency; massive supply chain slowdown; falling business confidence, stock market volatility; rising fear among the population, as well as uncertainty about the future have all been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.


The emergence of the Covid-19 problem disrupted demand for electric wall heaters, putting key players at risk of losing money. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the finances of a number of manufacturing firms in this area. However, the beginning of 2021 is bringing progress, as players have grown more active and are using e-commerce to provide a constant supply of items and services to their users, regardless of distance restrictions.


Electric Wall Heater Market Dynamics:

Electric wall heaters take up less space than other types of heaters, making them ideal for small spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Users can control the appropriate amount of electricity intake and heat output for customized experience with the built-in thermostat feature. In addition, to supplement the anti-overheating feature of built-in thermostats, manufacturers are integrating automatic shut-off. Electric wall heaters provide an energy-saving feature that allows homeowners to alter the Watts to regulate the amount of heat produced, conserving electricity while also providing a diverse heating choice.


Electric wall heaters are preferred over gas-based central heating systems due to their superiority in terms of cost, energy efficiency, technology, legislation, and environmental awareness. Electric heating innovations have the potential to help consumers cope up with the evolving energy efficiency standards more easily. Electric wall heaters that are energy efficient are being introduced by manufacturers to help consumers meet their economic constraints. Manufacturers are introducing items that utilise less energy while providing a better heating experience as a result of advanced technology. Smart sensors allow the power supply to be automatically adjusted to match the room temperature as well as the power input. In addition, solar panels and other such renewable energy sources can be used to power modern electric wall warmers. As a result, energy efficiency is one of the most important factors affecting the worldwide electric wall heaters market's growth.


Modern electric wall heaters are not as loud as the older design fans, which made a base noise. This is due to the implementation of new motor designs. Smart thermostats change the fan speed automatically to avoid large temperature swings. Modern electric wall heaters come with tamperproof settings for setting maximum and minimum temperatures, in addition to the in-trend digital screen display and remote control options.


Furthermore, pre-set mode allows for the pre-programmed settings of day and night temperatures in advance, which is useful in situations where you are gone from the room or residence. Consumers have a more comfortable experience due to the combination of efficiency and simplicity of operation. As a result, the global electric wall heaters market is mainly driven by product operational efficiency feedback.


Manufacturers have introduced aesthetic and technology advances to electric wall heaters in order to blend in with modern infrastructure. Connectivity elements in sophisticated electric wall heater models, such as Wi-Fi controlled alternatives, are targeted at giving households with conveniences and central control of electric wall heaters.


In addition, producers have produced portable and foldable electric wall heaters that may be used for a variety of purposes. As energy efficiency rules become more severe, demand for electric wall heaters is expected to increase significantly in the near future, propelling the electric wall heaters market forward.


Electric wall heater installation is a simple method that allows DIYers (Do it Yourselfers) to install the heaters without the help of an expert. Home owners can now design and operate them from any corner of the house with a few touches on their smart devices, thanks to the disruption of the internet of technologies (IoT).


Electric Wall Heater Market Segment Analysis:

Based on Application, the Electric wall heaters market is classified into non-residential and residential. Residences are using and increasingly adopting the electric wall heaters in light of increased urbanisation rates, fast altering lifestyles, and a strong demand for comfort features, which led to the residential segment leading the global market in 2021.


Electric Wall Heater Market


Based on Type, the Electric wall heaters market is classified into 1000 Watt, 1000 to 1600 Watt, 1600 to 2000 Watt, and > 2000 Watt. As a result of the recent trend and increased demand for energy efficient but large capacity heaters in commercial and residential applications, the 1000 to 1600-Watt segment has the largest market share. As a result, demand for electric wall heaters with capacities ranging from 1000 to 1600 watts has increased globally.


Electric Wall Heater Market Regional Insights:

Due to the presence of a large number of some well-established electric wall heater manufacturers such as Marley Engineered Products, Stiebel Eltron Inc., Broan Inc., and Markel Products Company, North America could emerge as the global leader in the electric wall heater market in the next years. Most of these regional competitors offer low-cost, technologically advanced electric wall heaters, which helps them gain market share and benefits the target market in North America. Wi-Fi powered connectivity capabilities included into current electric wall heaters are proving to be a major popular with homeowners. Recognizing the market potential, many manufacturers are developing foldable and portable electric wall heaters that may be utilised for a variety of purposes.


Europe is the second-largest market for electric wall heaters, owing to the fact that the European Union and Europe Energy Efficiency have developed a slew of ratings and regulations for electronic goods that manufacturers must adhere to. This reason has also motivated these companies to produce heaters that are both energy efficient and cost effective. Given the cold environment throughout the year, high disposable income of people, tight government energy laws and regulations, and temperature swings, a large number of multinational electric wall heater producers are attempting to break into the European market.


Electric Wall Heater Market


To understand the Electric Wall Heater industry and study the market trends. Focusing on the type and application of Electric Wall Heater, knowing the drivers and challenges of the same. Understanding the market segment geographically to gauge the growth potential.


The report includes analytical models like the Porter’s Five Forces, which helps in understanding the operating environment of the competition in the Electric Wall Heater Market and thereby study the stakeholders to derive an efficient strategy; and PESTLE Analysis to gain a macro perspective of the Electric Wall Heater Industry in terms of political aspects like Government stability, policies, trade regulation and economic aspects like market trends, taxes and inflation. It also provides the effect of environmental factors and influence of social and legal aspects on the Electric Wall Heater Market.


Electric Wall Heater Market Scope:

Electric Wall Heater Market  

Market Size in 2023

USD 3.92 Bn.

Market Size in 2030

USD 6.71 Bn.

CAGR (2024-2030)


Historic Data


Base Year


Forecast Period


Segment Scope

By   Type


  • <1000 Watt
  • 1000 to 1600 Watt
  • 1600 to 2000 Watt

By Application


  • Residential
  • Non-Residential

Regional Scope

North America- United States, Canada, and Mexico

Europe – UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Austria, and Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific – China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, ASEAN, Rest of APAC

Middle East and Africa - South Africa, GCC, Egypt, Nigeria, Rest of the Middle East and Africa

South America – Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America


































Electric Wall Heater Market Key Players:

  • Cadet (Canada)
  • Williams (USA)
  • King Electric (USA)
  • Dyna-Glo (USA)
  • Stiebel Eltron (Germany)
  • Fahrenheat (USA)
  • Broan (USA)
  • WarmlyYours (USA)
  • Reddy Heater (USA)
  • ProCom (USA)
  • Eco-Heater (USA)
  • Ontel Products (USA)
  • Livington (USA)
  • Brightown (USA)

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The segments of Type, Application and Region are covered in the Electric Wall Heater Market report.

1.   Scope of the Report
2.    Research Methodology

2.1. Research Process
2.2. Global Electric Wall Heater Market: Target Audience
2.3. Global Electric Wall Heater Market: Primary Research (As per Client Requirement)
2.4. Global Electric Wall Heater Market: Secondary Research
3.    Executive Summary
4.    Competitive Landscape

4.1. Market Share Analysis by Region in 2023 (%)
4.1.1. North America
4.1.2. Europe
4.1.3. Asia Pacific 
4.1.4. Middle East and Africa
4.1.5. South America

4.2. Stellar Competition matrix
4.2.1. Global Stellar Competition Matrix
4.2.2. North America Stellar Competition Matrix
4.2.3. Europe Stellar Competition Matrix
4.2.4. Asia Pacific Stellar Competition Matrix
4.2.5. South America Stellar Competition Matrix
4.2.6. Middle East and Africa Stellar Competition Matrix

4.3. Key Players Benchmarking: by Product, Pricing, Investments, Expansion Plans, Physical Presence, and Presence in the Market.
4.4. Mergers and Acquisitions in Industry: M&A by Region, Value, and Strategic Intent
4.5. Market Dynamics
4.5.1. Market Drivers
4.5.2. Market Restraints
4.5.3. Market Opportunities
4.5.4. Market Challenges
4.5.5. PESTLE Analysis
4.5.6. PORTERS Five Force Analysis
4.5.7. Value Chain Analysis

5.    Global Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
5.1. Global Electric Wall Heater Market, by Region (2023-2030)
5.1.1. North America
5.1.2. Europe
5.1.3. Asia-Pacific
5.1.4. Middle East & Africa
5.1.5. South America

5.2. Global Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
5.2.1. Residential
5.2.2. Non-Residential

5.3. Global Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
5.3.1. <1000 Watt
5.3.2. 1000 to 1600 Watt
5.3.3. 1600 to 2000 Watt
5.3.4. >2000 Watt

6.    North America Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
6.1. North America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
6.1.1. Residential
6.1.2. Non-Residential

6.2. North America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
6.2.1. <1000 Watt
6.2.2. 1000 to 1600 Watt
6.2.3. 1600 to 2000 Watt
6.2.4. >2000 Watt

6.3. North America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Country (2023-2030)
6.3.1. United States
6.3.2. Canada
6.3.3. Mexico

7.    Europe Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
7.1. Europe Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
7.2. Europe Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
7.3. Europe Electric Wall Heater Market, by Country (2023-2030)
8.    Asia Pacific Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
8.1. Asia Pacific Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
8.2. Asia Pacific Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
8.3. Asia Pacific Electric Wall Heater Market, by Country (2023-2030)
9.    Middle East and Africa Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
9.1. Middle East and Africa Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
9.2. Middle East and Africa Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
9.3. Middle East and Africa Electric Wall Heater Market, by Country (2023-2030)
10.    South America Electric Wall Heater Market Segmentation
10.1. South America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Application (2023-2030)
10.2. South America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Type (2023-2030)
10.3. South America Electric Wall Heater Market, by Country (2023-2030)
11.    Company Profiles
11.1. Key Players
11.1.1. Cadet (Canada) Company Overview Product Portfolio Financial Overview Business Strategy Key Developments
11.1.2. Williams (USA)
11.1.3. King Electric (USA)
11.1.4. Dyna-Glo (USA)
11.1.5. Stiebel Eltron (Germany)
11.1.6. Fahrenheat (USA)
11.1.7. Broan (USA)
11.1.8. WarmlyYours (USA)
11.1.9. FLAMELUX (USA)
11.1.10. Reddy Heater (USA)
11.1.11. ProCom (USA)
11.1.12. Eco-Heater (USA)
11.1.13. Ontel Products (USA)
11.1.14. Livington (USA)
11.1.15. Brightown (USA)

12.    Key Findings
13.    Recommendations

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