Germany Prefilled Syringes Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030)

  • The Germany Prefilled Syringes Market size was valued at USD 690 Mn. in 2023 and the total Germany Prefilled Syringes Market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9 % from 2024 to 2030, reaching nearly USD 842.86 Mn. by 2030.

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Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Overview

A pre-filled syringe is a disposable syringe that is supplied already loaded with the substance to be injected. The solution is supplied as a pre-filled syringe already containing the liquid for injection. A pre-filled syringe is a single dose of medication to which a needle has been fixed by the manufacturer.


In the German Prefilled Syringes Market, leading manufacturers have adopted several trends that are covered in the report. These include the use of technologies, government funding for R&D, and an increasing focus on sustainability. A thorough analysis of the competitive environment is also included in the report, along with the market shares and positions of the major companies involved in the prefilled syringes industry.


Additionally, the report offers a comprehensive analysis of the present and potential developments within the German prefilled syringe industry. It also provides a thorough analysis of the German prefilled syringes market's value chain and important market segments. It also offers strategic recommendations for the market's success to the investors. The prefilled syringe market is set for rapid growth owing to advancements in auto-injector technology.


  • For instance, In March 2024, Germany's Schott Pharma invested USD 371M in US plastic syringe production.

Germany Prefilled Syringes Market


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Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Dynamics

Driving Factors in Germany's Prefilled Syringe Market

Syringes offer convenience, accuracy, and sterility, ensuring patients receive the correct dosage with reduced risk of contamination which has influenced the market growth of prefilled syringes in Germany. In Germany, pharmaceutical manufacturers embrace more flexible processes that limit the risk of product contamination, and packaging and containment systems are being designed to facilitate the manufacturing of smaller product lots and batches has driven the market growth. With the accelerated aging of the global population and the trend towards paying attention to healthcare, people are more concerned about health checkups, disease prevention, and regular screening. It has led to an increase in market demand for medical devices and consumables.


With rising demand for biologics to manage chronic conditions, prefilled syringes emerge as a preferred delivery method, enhancing patient adherence and treatment outcomes while minimizing waste and improving overall healthcare efficiency has boosted the market growth. By eliminating potential barriers to adherence, such as complicated dosing procedures or fear of needle handling, prefilled syringes contribute to better treatment outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

German Prefilled Syringe Market1

Challenges in the German Prefilled Syringe Market

The rise of the German prefilled syringe market is severely hampered by several factors, including the high cost of temperature-controlled packaging, which is necessary for temperature-sensitive medications. Other conventional factors impeding the market include the possibility of a drug-prefilled syringe interaction, needle stick prevention, and product recalls owing to breakages and likability. Ensuring container/closure integrity during and after filling and terminal sterilization is one of the difficult aspects of prefilled syringe quality control. Problems with creating medications for prefilled syringes, particularly biologics, have impeded the growth of the market. The increase in the use of prefilled syringes for some drugs has been constrained by compatibility issues with syringe materials.


Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Segment Analysis

Based on Application, the Diabetes segment held the highest share in the market and is expected to grow during the forecast period. Prefilled syringes are in high demand among diabetic patients because it lessen the possibility of complicated administration, spills, contamination, needle stick injuries, misidentification, dosage errors, and overfilling. Traveling with prefilled syringes allows diabetics to easily manage their insulin requirements because they are small and lightweight.


  • About 8.5 million people in Germany are affected by diabetes

Germany Prefilled Syringes Market2

Based on type, the Disposable Prefilled Syringes segment holds the largest share in the German Prefilled Syringes market and is estimated to dominate the market with a growing CAGR during the forecast period. The functionality and appearance of disposable prefilled syringes are constantly being improved by manufacturers through innovation. Adoption in Germany is being propelled by innovations like auto-injector compatibility, ergonomic designs, and integrated needle safety features. For self-administration of injectable medications at home, patients prefer disposable prefilled syringes because they are simpler to use and have a lower chance of dosage errors. In the treatment of long-term illnesses like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, this tendency is especially noticeable.

Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Scope

Market Size in 2023

USD 690 Bn.

Market Size in 2030

USD 842.86 Bn.

CAGR (2024-2030)

2.9 %

Historic Data

2018 - 2022

Base Year


Forecast Period


Segment Scope


By Type

  • Disposable Prefilled Syringes
  • Reusable Prefilled Syringes

By Material

  • Glass Prefilled Syringes
  • Plastic Prefilled Syringes

By Design

  • Single Chamber Prefilled Syringes
  • Dual Chamber Prefilled Syringes
  • Customized Prefilled Syringes

By Therapeutics

  • Large Molecules
  • Small Molecules

By Application

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Others


Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Key Players

  1. Gerresheimer
  2. SCHOTT Pharma
  3. Stevanato Group
  4. Simtra BioPharma Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

The rising prevalence of Chronic Disease is expected to be the major driver for the market.

1.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Introduction
1.1.    Study Assumption and Market Definition
1.2.    Scope of the Study
1.3.    Executive Summary 
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2.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Trends
2.1.    Market Consolidation
2.2.    Adoption of Advanced Technologies
2.3.    Pricing and Reimbursement Trends
3.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Import Export Landscape
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3.4.    Major Export Destinations
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4.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market: Dynamics
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4.2.    PORTER’s Five Forces Analysis
4.3.    PESTLE Analysis
4.4.    Regulatory Landscape
4.5.    Analysis of Government Schemes and Initiatives for the Germany Prefilled Syringes  Industry
5.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Size and Forecast by Segments (by Value USD)
5.1.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Size and Forecast, by Type (2024-2030)
5.1.1.    Disposable Prefilled Syringes
5.1.2.    Reusable Prefilled Syringes

5.2.     Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Size and Forecast, by Material  (2024-2030)
5.2.1.    Glass Prefilled Syringes
5.2.2.    Plastic Prefilled Syringes

5.3.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Size and Forecast, by Design  (2024-2030)
5.3.1.    Single Chamber Prefilled Syringes
5.3.2.    Dual Chamber Prefilled Syringes

5.4.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Size and Forecast, by Application  (2024-2030)
5.4.1.    Anaphylaxis
5.4.2.    Rheumatoid Arthritis
5.4.3.    Diabetes
5.4.4.    Others

6.    Germany Prefilled Syringes Market: Competitive Landscape
6.1.    STELLAR Competition Matrix
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6.3.4.    Revenue (2023)
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6.4.    Leading Germany Prefilled Syringes Market Companies, by market capitalization
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6.6.    Mergers and Acquisitions Details
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7.1.    Gerresheimer
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7.1.6.    Scale of Operation (small, medium, and large)
7.1.7.    Details on Partnership
7.1.8.    Regulatory Accreditations and Certifications Received by Them
7.1.9.    Awards Received by the Firm
7.1.10.     Recent Developments

7.2.    SCHOTT Pharma
7.3.    Stevanato Group
7.4.    Simtra Bio Pharma Solutions
8.    Key Findings
9.    Industry Recommendations

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