Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030)

  • The Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market size was valued at USD 22.9 Bn. in 2023 and the total Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2024 to 2030, reaching nearly USD 32.87 Bn. in 2030.

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Japan In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Service Overview

In IVF, eggs and sperm are united in a lab dish before implanting viable embryos into a woman's uterus for pregnancy. Research scrutinizes, and evaluates trends, competition, and technological progress for insightful analysis. Infertility rates escalate due to delayed pregnancies, environmental factors, and lifestyle changes. IVF garners awareness and acceptance, buoyed by rising disposable incomes, enhanced healthcare infrastructure, increasing fertility clinics, and governmental support for assisted reproductive technologies.


The detailed report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market. STELLAR meticulously examines the industry's evolution, highlighting key trends, innovations, and driving forces. It deeply explores the current landscape, outlining dimensions, growth patterns, and nuanced trends. Additionally, it identifies pivotal factors driving market growth and uncovers emerging opportunities, offering valuable insights for stakeholders.

Japan IVF Services Market


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Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Dynamics:

Increase in Infertility Rates to Drive the Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market

Rising infertility challenges prompt couples in Japan to seek IVF services and drive increased demand. As natural conception hurdles persist, IVF emerges as a viable solution, attracting a growing number of patients. This trend amplifies the need for comprehensive IVF treatments, underscoring the significance of Japan's IVF services market growth.

Japan IVF Services Market1

Japan's IVF services market pivots towards innovation in a rising infertility rate. Clinics and researchers intensify efforts to boost IVF techniques and aim for higher success rates. Also, technological advancements and refined methods allure hesitant couples, fostering optimism and driving demand for IVF procedures in Japan. Japan's IVF services market responds to rising infertility rates with targeted approaches. Research into causes enables clinics to offer specialized IVF procedures, growing their market reach. This proactive stance towards addressing infertility challenges through innovation propels market growth, as couples increasingly seek and potentially benefit from these advanced services.


The rise in infertility drives increased demand for Japan's IVF services market, fostering innovation and economic growth. However, concerns arise regarding treatment overshadowing prevention efforts, financial accessibility, and ethical considerations like donation and embryo selection. Balancing advancements with affordability and ethical practices is crucial for a sustainable and inclusive IVF landscape.


Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Segment Analysis

Based on End Users, the Fertility Clinics segment held the largest market share of about 75% in the Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market in 2023. According to the STELLAR analysis, the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period. It is considered the leading segment within Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market thanks to its quick technological improvement and increasing adoption of smart devices with data connectivity and integration.

Japan IVF Services Market2

Japan's IVF Services Market booms with fertility clinics as primary service providers. They offer a holistic approach, encompassing diagnostics, hormone therapy, egg retrieval, sperm analysis, in-vitro fertilization, embryo culture, transfer procedures, and optional pregnancy support. Couples and individuals find comprehensive assistance throughout their IVF journey. In the Market, fertility clinics boast specialists in reproductive endocrinology, embryology, and IVF techniques. Their focused expertise guarantees personalized and top-tier care for patients. With skilled professionals dedicated to assisted reproductive technologies, individuals trust in tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.


Additionally, In Japan's IVF Services Market, fertility clinics prioritize advanced technologies essential for successful procedures. They equip themselves with tools for sperm analysis, oocyte retrieval, ICSI, embryo monitoring, and cryopreservation. This technological investment ensures the highest standards of care and enhances the chances of successful IVF outcomes for patients. Fertility clinics prioritize patient education and support. They provide comprehensive information on IVF, including success rates and risks, while offering emotional guidance and counseling throughout the treatment journey. By empowering patients with knowledge and support, clinics ensure a more informed and emotionally resilient experience.


In Japan's IVF Services Market, fertility clinics follow to regulations set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW). These standards govern ethical practices and safety protocols for assisted reproductive technologies, ensuring patient welfare and maintaining high-quality care across the industry.

Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Scope

Market Size in 2023

USD 22.9 Billion

Market Size in 2030

USD 32.87 Billion

CAGR (2024-2030)

5.3 %

Historic Data


Base Year


Forecast Period


Segment Scope

By Procedure Type

  • Fresh Donor
  • Fresh Non-donor
  • Frozen Donor
  • Frozen Non-donor

By End-User

  • Fertility Clinics
  • Surgical Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Research Institutes


Leading Key Players in the Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market

  1. Max Healthcare,
  2. Bloom In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  3. CCRM Fertility.
  5. Create Health (Create Fertility)
  6. Fertility Clinic Tokyo
  7. Aevitas Fertility Clinic
  8. BioART Fertility Clinic
  9. Prelude Fertility, Inc.

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An increase in Infertility Rates and Rising Success Rates are expected to be the major drivers for the Japanese IVF Services market.

1.    Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Executive Summary
1.1 Study Assumption and Market Definition
1.2 Scope of the Study
1.3 Emerging Technologies
1.4 Market Projections
1.5 Strategic Recommendations
2.    Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) On Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market.
2.1 Embryo Selection and Grading
2.2 Sperm Selection and Motility Analysis
2.3 Automation and Streamlining of Processes
3.    Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market: Dynamics
3.1.1 Market Driver
3.1.2 Market Restraints
3.1.3 Market Opportunities
3.1.4 Market Challenges

3.2 PORTER’s Five Forces Analysis
3.3 PESTLE Analysis
3.4 Regulatory Landscape 
3.5 Analysis of Government Schemes and Initiatives for the Japan In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Service Industry.
4.    Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market: Market Size and Forecast by Segmentation (Value) (2023-2030)
4.1 Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Size and Forecast, by Procedure Type (2023-2030)
4.1.1 Fresh Donor
4.1.2 Fresh Non-donor
4.1.3 Frozen Donor
4.1.4 Frozen Non-donor

4.2 Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market Size and Forecast, End-User (2023-2030)
4.2.1 Fertility Clinics
4.2.2 Surgical Centers
4.2.3 Hospitals
4.2.4 Clinical Research Institutes

5.    Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market: Competitive Landscape
5.1 STELLAR Competition Matrix
5.2 Competitive Landscape
5.3 Key Players Benchmarking
5.3.1 Company Name
5.3.2 Service Segment
5.3.3 End-user Segment 
5.3.4 Revenue (2023)
5.3.5 Company Locations

5.4 Leading Japan In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Service Companies, by market capitalization
5.5 Market Structure
5.5.1 Market Leaders 
5.5.2 Market Followers
5.5.3 Emerging Players

5.6 Mergers and Acquisitions Details
6.    Company Profile: Key Players
6.1 Max Healthcare,
6.1.1 Company Overview
6.1.2 Business Portfolio
6.1.3 Financial Overview
6.1.4 SWOT Analysis
6.1.5 Strategic Analysis
6.1.6 Scale of Operation (small, medium, and large)
6.1.7 Details on Partnership
6.1.8 Regulatory Accreditations and Certifications Received by Them
6.1.9 Awards Received by the Firm
6.1.10  Recent Developments

6.2 Bloom In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), 
6.3 CCRM Fertility., 
6.5 Create Health (Create Fertility), 
6.6 Medicover, 
6.7 Aevitas Fertility Clinic, 
6.8 BioART Fertility Clinic 
6.9 Prelude Fertility, Inc.
7.     Key Findings
8.    Industry Recommendations
9.    Japan In Vitro Fertilisation Service Market: Research Methodology

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