France Cable Connector Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2024-2030) by Product, Type, Vertical and, Region.

  • France Cable Connector Market size was valued at US$ 3.09 Billion in 2023 and the total France Cable Connector revenue is expected to grow at 4.8% through 2024 to 2030, reaching nearly US$ 4.29  Billion.

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France Cable Connector Market Overview:

High-speed electrical cable connectors are widely used in consumer electronics, linked automobiles, aviation systems, energy and power goods, and industrial equipment applications throughout Europe. Digitization and industry 4.0 technologies are being aggressively adopted by European countries e.g. the United Kingdom, Italy, and France, which is propelling Europe's market growth. Because of the growing need for high-speed electrical cable connector solutions, the French market is expected to increase at a significant rate throughout the forecast period. Cloud computing and connected automobiles are being eyed by industry participants in France as a new chance for the regional high-speed connectors market to grow.


During the forecast period, flexible, high-speed, water-resistant, and small-size cable connectors are likely to drive the French cable connector market. Miniaturization is causing changes in electronics design and structure to make better use of space and provide customers with a more compact product. With the miniaturization of components, electronic devices are becoming smaller, resulting in a requirement for miniature high-speed electrical cable connectors. Market participants throughout France are developing novel tiny connections to meet the demand for increased data transfer in the military, medical, instrumentation, and industrial applications. Consumer demand for microelectronics is predicted to fuel the trend toward smaller connections in France throughout the forecast period (2024-30).


France Cable Connector Market


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France Cable Connector Market Dynamics:

Various government and private initiatives to provide broadband connectivity in the rural regions of France are expected to drive the growth of the fiber optics cable connector segment in the country in the forecast period (2024-30).


Limousin is a remote French region where the search for appropriate broadband access began two decades ago. Not satisfied with the choices offered by incumbents or newcomers, the regional authorities founded DORSAL, a public consortium, to define the scope and size of the deployment, acquire adequate finance, and coordinate overall project management. In the first phase, a 24-year concession was given by competitive competition to a local ICT business named Axione Limousin after receiving US$ 275 million in finance. Axione was given the task of designing, building, and operating a broadband core and middle mile wholesale network that would be open to all French service providers without discrimination.


Telecom companies and organizations are teaming up to build next-generation access networks across the country creating demand for electrical connectors in the process.


The proposed acquisition of Covage by SFR FTTH, a firm controlled by Altice, Allianz, and Omers, has been authorized by the European Commission under the EU Merger Regulation. The approval is conditional on Altice, Allianz, and Omers fully complying with a commitment package made by them. In France, the leading fiber network operators are Altice/SFR FTTH and Covage. Covage solely sells wholesale fiber networks, whereas Altice sells both wholesale and retail fiber network access. Along with Altice, Allianz and Omers are financial investors who jointly own SFR FTTH. Both Altice and Covage provide a diverse range of wholesale fiber access services and compete with each other, among other things e.g. Fiber-to-the-Office (FTTO) and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH).


France Cable Connector Market Segment Analysis:

By Type, the Fiber Optic connector segment is expected to hold a significant share of the French cable connector market in 2030.


The France THD (Très Haut Débit) Plan was launched by the French government, to cover the entire country with Very High-speed connections by 2022. It represents a US$ 22.7 billion public and private investment. The goal of this strategy is to open up regions remote from big cities, in addition to the economic and social challenges of the new digital economy. The France THD Plan intends to expand the deployment of FTTH networks, progressively replacing copper in the telephone network with optical fiber, to provide universal access to THD-related services. All French establishments i.e.housing and professionals are covered under the plan. As of March 2020, 21.6 million premises were connected to FTTHH, out of a total of 35 million.


By Vertical, the Aerospace and defense segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 7.9% in the forecast period (2024-30).


France Cable Connector Market


The French aerospace industry is a consortium characterized by high capital expenditure and high-tech goods. As a result, the barrier to entry is exceedingly high. The aviation sector in France employs 300,000 people directly and represents roughly 3,800 enterprises. The French aviation sector's success is due to an industrial strategy based on strong technological assets, smart European relationships, and strong governmental backing. Aviation plugs in the aerospace industry is expected to drive the growth of the cable connector market in France in the aforementioned forecast period.


France Cable Connector Market Regional Insights:

The purpose of this research is to provide stakeholders in the industry with a thorough insight into the France Cable Connector Market. The study includes an analysis of difficult data in simple language, as well as the industry's historical and current state, as well as anticipated market size and trends. The market report examines all segments of the industry, with a focus on significant players such as market leaders, followers, and new entrants. The report includes a PORTER, PESTEL analysis as well as the possible influence of microeconomic market determinants. External and internal elements that are expected to have a favorable or negative impact on the firm have been examined, providing decision-makers with a clear future vision of the industry. The research also aids in comprehending the France Cable Connector Market dynamics and structure by studying market segments and forecasting market size. The research is an investor's guide since it depicts the competitive analysis of major competitors in the France Cable Connector Market by product, price, financial situation, product portfolio, growth plans, and geographical presence.


Major breakthroughs in the cable connector industry are discussed, as well as organic and inorganic growth plans. Various companies are focusing on organic growth strategies such as new product releases, product approvals, and other items such as patents and events. Inorganic growth strategies used in the industry included acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations.


France Cable Connector Market Scope

France Cable Connector Market

Market Size in 2023

USD 3.09 Bn.

Market Size in 2030

USD 4.292 Bn.

CAGR (2024-2030)


Historic Data


Base Year


Forecast Period


Segment Scope

By Product

  • Coaxial Cable/Electronic Wire
  • Fiber Optics Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Signal and Control Cable
  • Telecom and Data Cable

By Type

  • PCB Connectors
  • Circular/Rectangular Connectors
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • IO Connectors

By Application

  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Energy & Power
  • Oil & Gas

Regional Scope



France Cable Connector Market Players

  • Monixo
  • Wieland Electric Sarl France
  • Creatique Technologie Sas
  • Binder France

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The total France Cable Connector revenue is expected to grow at 4.8% through 2024 to 2030.

Chapter 1 Scope of the Report
Chapter 2 Research Methodology

      2.1. Research Process
      2.2. France Cable Connector Market: Target Audience
      2.3. France Cable Connector Market: Primary Research (As per Client Requirement)
      2.4. France Cable Connector Market: Secondary Research
Chapter 3 Executive Summary
Chapter 4 Competitive Landscape

      4.1. Market Share Analysis, By Value, 2023-2030
            4.1.1. Market Share Analysis, By Region, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
         France Market Share Analysis, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
            4.1.2. Market Share Analysis, By Product, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
         France Market Share Analysis, By Product, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
            4.1.3. Market Share Analysis, By Type, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
         France Market Share Analysis, By Type, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
            4.1.4. Market Share Analysis, By Vertical, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
         France Market Share Analysis, By Vertical, By Value, 2023-2030 (In %)
      4.2. Stellar Competition matrix
            4.2.1. France Stellar Competition Matrix
      4.3. Key Players Benchmarking
            4.3.1. Key Players Benchmarking by Product, Pricing, Market Share, Investments, Expansion Plans, Physical Presence, and Presence in the Market.
      4.4. Mergers and Acquisitions in Industry
            4.4.1. M&A by Region, Value, and Strategic Intent
      4.5. Market Dynamics
            4.5.1. Market Drivers
            4.5.2. Market Restraints
            4.5.3. Market Opportunities
            4.5.4. Market Challenges
            4.5.5. PESTLE Analysis
            4.5.6. PORTERS Five Force Analysis
            4.5.7. Value Chain Analysis
Chapter 5 France Cable Connector Market Segmentation: By Product
      5.1. France Cable Connector Market, By Product, Overview/Analysis, 2023-2030
      5.2. France Cable Connector Market, By Product, By Value, Market Share (%), 2023-2030 (USD Billion)
      5.3. France Cable Connector Market, By Product, By Value, -
            5.3.1. Coaxial Cable/Electronic Wire
            5.3.2. Fiber Optics Cable
            5.3.3. Power Cable
            5.3.4. Signal and Control Cable
            5.3.5. Telecom and Data Cable
Chapter 6 France Cable Connector Market Segmentation: By Type
      6.1. France Cable Connector Market, By Type, Overview/Analysis, 2023-2030
      6.2. France Cable Connector Market Size, By Type, By Value, Market Share (%), 2023-2030 (USD Billion)
      6.3. France Cable Connector Market, By Type, By Value, -
            6.3.1. PCB Connectors
            6.3.2. Circular/Rectangular Connectors
            6.3.3. Fiber Optic Connectors
            6.3.4. IO Connectors
Chapter 7 France Cable Connector Market Segmentation: By Vertical
      7.1. France Cable Connector Market, By Vertical, Overview/Analysis, 2023-2030
      7.2. France Cable Connector Market Size, By Vertical, By Value, Market Share (%), 2023-2030 (USD Billion)
      7.3. France Cable Connector Market, By Vertical, By Value, -
            7.3.1. IT & Telecommunication
            7.3.2. Automotive
            7.3.3. Aerospace & defense
            7.3.4. Consumer Electronics
            7.3.5. Industrial and Manufacturing
            7.3.6. Energy & Power
            7.3.7. Oil & Gas
Chapter 8 France Cable Connector Market Segmentation: By Region
      8.1. France Cable Connector Market Size, By Value, 2023-2030 (USD Billion)
            8.1.1. France
Chapter 9 Company Profiles
      9.1. Key Players
            9.1.1. Monixo
         Company Overview
         Product Portfolio
         Financial Overview
         Business Strategy
         Key Developments
            9.1.2. Wieland Electric Sarl France
            9.1.3. Creatique Technologie Sas
            9.1.4. Binder France
      9.2. Key Findings
      9.3. Recommendations

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